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The most cars in one place. All 1, Honda Odyssey Change.

Average Rating. How many stars is your car worth? Honda Odyssey Fuel Economy.

2003 Honda Odyssey EX Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev - 200K

Interior Design. Exterior Styling. Not all that reliable. I f you add regular maintenance to that. Good performance. Is this review useful?

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Great combination of comfort and utility. Very powerful, reliable and versatile vehicle. Handles loads without sagging due to load-lifter air springs. Has only towed utility trailer. Many different seating possibilities. Great van at a good price. We owned it for approx. Van has been good to us. Traveled many long distances. Transmission rebuilt at approx. This was a common issue in earlier Odysseys. No other problems other than regular maintenance.

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Still has some good miles left on it. The greatest family hauler. We have this vehicle since new.

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We have nothing but great memories to mention about the versatility and reliability of it. Although we had several other newer cars during the same period, we always select this vehicle over any other one for long hauls. Even when driving out with our friends with newer van of manufacturers American and Import alike, we select this for comfort and spaciousness. Nothing but raves; from camping to summer vacations to sports tournaments, this vehicle has been awesome.

Drives excellent. Drove it to Georgia for a holiday last week for 10 days, and despite the mileage it was like driving a new one. Excellent Family Vehicle. Honda Reliability is an industry standard. I have owned three Honda's and have been thoroughly satisfied with all of them.

Most of the money spent on this Odyssey has been routine maintenance.

This vehicle has given us six years and , kms of great service. Only selling it to get to a newer model. Its a reliable car for family!! I never had problem with this vehicle. My family loves it, specially the kids. It has DVD with wireless headphones and a remote controller so it is good for long drives. This car never give me problem! It is well maintained and is regularly service at TNT Honda!

Me and my family loves it, specially the kids because of the DVD with wireless headphones and a remote! Great car for family trips!

This car has given us 10 years of great experiences. The leather seats, DVD entertainment system, and the reliability make this a perfect family vehicle. Reliable Car. I had my Honda Odyssey for almost 11 years. The van gave me no trouble at all.

2003 Honda Odyssey Buyer's Guide

Very reliable. All I needed to do was fill her up and drive. Of course I had to do the regular maintenance. The ride was comfortable. The car is powerful responses well to your driving demands. The cargo area a huge and can carry a lot of things. Well, I just sold it and will be buying another Odyssey. Always enough room. Have moved countless friends. Surprising speed. Probably because it's 6 cylinders. Faster zero to sixty than many luxury and sports cars.


2003 Honda Odyssey Reviews, Ratings & Specs

Originally, I owned a Odyssey which I shipped south. After a year in a Lexus, I asked a friend to sell me this Odyssey when she was ready to trade it in. Will it need anti-freeze. Hi AskPatty, I just read your article in the NYT and was interested in this web site, since, as a female, sometimes I feel helpless going to mechanics who are mostly men for help doing things that I could have done myself if I knew how.

Thank you!!