Children pocket money essay

What Are The Benefits of Pocket Money | How Much To Give

Some parents prefer letting kids earn money for household help such as doing the dishes or making their beds as an early intro to the adulthood concept of paid employment. Other parents believe chores should be unpaid because in real life i. Whatever your preferred approach, is it really necessary to shell out a few dollar bills every week or month just to introduce your kid to the whole moneymaking idea? Yes it is. But in case you were thinking about skipping the whole pocket money thing with your kids, here are three key reasons to give that allowance after all.

Giving a child their own pocket cash allows them to learn early on the value of money.

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How much should you give them? Just make sure you stick to a sensible amount, since giving kids too much money can be more harmful than beneficial.

An allowance also allows kids to be independent. It gives them an understanding that their actions saving can have favorable consequences being able to afford a much-anticipated purchase.

Money, Money, Money, Makes Me Funny: Pocket money and its use in your family

They will learn valuable lessons about saving, spending and working toward a goal — namely that if they want a big-ticket item, they are going to have to work for it, save their money and be creative. That might mean finding odd jobs to do to earn more than they would in a usual week. I buy books on chess as it is my hobby.

3 reasons why you should give your kids pocket money

I have a good collection of books on the subject. Once in a while I go to see a dance-recital or a stage play with my friends. I also spend some of my pocket money on sweets and ice-creams. Once I helped Jerry to pay his school fee out of my pocket money.

Short Essay on Pocket Money and Its Significance

His father was away on a tour and he did not have sufficient money. He felt so obliged. Last year I gave my mummy a pleasant surprise by presenting her with a beautiful watch on her marriage anniversary. I had bought it from the savings of my pocket money.

I often buy things for my little sister out of it. She feels so delighted whenever I surprise her with sweets, a pencil box and a fancy dress. My pocket money has helped me to learn how to spend wisely and save simultaneously.

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