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After being exposed to service already, my heart has began to long to serve others, like a dog longs for its owner when left home alone. I have a desire to, while in college, travel to another country and serve people there with the degree that I am receiving.

However, I know that I do not have to move across the world in order to serve others, and that each and every day I am provided with opportunities to give expecting nothing in return. With daily interactions come opportunities to serve. Whether it is a seemingly meaningless action, such as a compliment or a smile, or a well thought out action, such as a missions trip, I will be very thankful.

In college I hope to be a Young Life leader.

Young Life is a faith based organization, and as a leader, I would be spending my time serving high school students. My own Young Life leader has served me in so many ways, and has inspired me to do the same as I get older. I plan to lead Young Life at a local high school while in college, where I will be sacrificing my time to hang out with high school students. Through this, I hope to give high school students a friend and a mentor.


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I also ultimately hope to serve them by sharing the gospel with them. I am very thankful for Young Life, and while in college I will be ever so grateful for the opportunities it provides for me to serve. I hope to spend most of my time serving others while in college.

I believe that serving others has a tremendous impact not only on the lives of those who I am serving, but on my own as well. I believe that the most satisfying way to live is by serving others. To live is to serve others.

College Essay About Helping Others

Living in America, there are plenty of opportunities to serve, and as a college student I will be able to take them. I will eternally thankful for the opportunities to serve while in college.

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So, I wonder if you could revise it to keep the revelation, but go easy on yourself. This essay really moved me. I am as hard on myself, too. Find the proper word on the internet to describe such patient.

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Things were getting progressively worse Use gradually to replace progressively or to eliminate "progressively" i realized the one who benefits from service the most is myself so your statement in paragraph1 stands. Finally I hope your brother gets better; good luck to your admission :D. Becca, i really like the topic you chose, and the flow of your writing.

Keep up the good work because who knows