Competition from childhood is it good or bad essay

This is done by the child own due to the lack of resources for the life survival, irresponsibility of the parents or forcefully by the owner for increasing their return on investment at low investment. It does not matter the cause of child labour as all the causes force children to live their life without childhood. Childhood is the great and happiest period of the lives of everyone during which one learns about the basic strategy of the life from parents, loved ones and nature.

Child labour interferes with the proper growth and development of the children in all aspects like mentally, physically, socially and intellectually. Child labour is the full work taken by the children in any field of work. It is a forceful act either by the parents, bad events or owners. It causes lack of many important things in the life of child like improper physical growth and development, inappropriate development of the mind, socially and intellectually unhealthy. Child labour keeps a child away from all the benefits of the childhood, a happiest and memorable period of the life of everyone.

It interferes with the ability of attending regular school which makes them socially dangerous and harmful citizen of the country. This illegal activity of the child labour is increasing day by day even after lots of the rules and regulations against this by the government to completely prohibit the act of child labour. Child labour has become a biggest social issue in India which needs to be solved on regular basis. It is not the responsibility of the government only, it should be solved and taken care by all the parents, owners and other social organizations.

It is the issue of everyone which should be solved personally as it can be happened with the child of any person. In many developing countries child labour is very common because of the existence of high level of poverty and poor schooling opportunities for the children.

Is academic competition good or bad for students?

The highest incidence rate of the child labour is still more than 50 percent in which children of age group 5 to 14 are working in the developing country. The rate of child labour is high in the agriculture field which is mostly found in the rural and informal urban economy where most of the children are predominantly employed into the agriculture work by their own parents instead of sending them to the school and free them to play with friends.

The issue of the child labour has now been an international concern as it highly involved in inhibiting the growth and development of the country. Healthy children are the bright future and power of any country thus child labour is damaging, spoiling and destroying the future of the children and finally the country.

Child labour is the crime to humanity which has become a curse to the society and big issue preventing the country growth and development. Childhood is the most memorable period of the life which everyone has right to live from birth.

The Case Against Competing

Children have full rights to play with friends, go to school, feel the love and care of parents and touch beauty of the nature. However, just because of the improper understandings of the people parents, owners, etc , children are forced to live life of the elder. They are forced to arrange all the resources for life survival in their childhood.

Success at School vs Success in Life

Parents want to make them very responsible towards their family in the early childhood of their kids. They do not understand that their kids need love and care, they need proper schooling and play with friends to grow properly. Such parents understand that their kids are the only property of them, they can use them as they want.

But really, every parents need to understand that they have some responsibility towards their country too. They need to make their kids healthy in every aspect to make the future of the country bright. Parents should take all the responsibility of the family by own and let their kids to live their childhood with lots of love and care. The main causes of the child labour all over the world are poverty, parents, society, low salary, joblessness, poor living standard and understanding, social injustice, lack of schools, backwardness, ineffective laws which are directly affecting the development of the country.

Child labour involves the regular working of children in their childhood at very young age from five to fourteen years. Children in many developing countries are forced to work hard for full day against their will at very low pay for their survival. They want to go school, play with their friends and need love and care by their parent like other children living in rich houses.

But unfortunately, they are forced to do something against their will. In developing countries, the rate of the child labour is high because of the poverty, low level awareness for education and poor schooling opportunities. Description: A modal auxillary is not usually followed by a verb, past participle Suggestion: Refer to should and encouraged Description: A pronoun, personal, nominative, 3rd person singular is not usually followed by an adjective Suggestion: Refer to it and important. Sentence: It also helps them to improve their skills because if they enter to a competition they want to exceed their friends or rivals which is followed by knowing their needs to improving their skills.

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The Negative Effects Of Child Beauty Pageants

Sentence Length: Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Essay Categories:. Select rating Give Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Strange 92 Read full essay 2 months 2 weeks ago Bhawna Sharma 56 Read full essay 2 months 3 weeks ago Omfiann 56 Read full essay 2 months 4 weeks ago ludovicag 73 Read full essay 3 months 1 week ago Puzan 73 Read full essay.

More essays by this user: The bar chart below shows the percentage of unemployed graduates, aged , in one European country over a two-year period. In other words, if the only goal is to win and not learn anything in the process, kids are going to feel discouraged when they lose. But, if parents, coaches, and fans learn how to look at losing constructively, then kids will learn a lot more from the competitions they participate in.

For instance, when kids believe that the qualities they have cannot be changed, such as being bad at math, then they have a fixed mindset. Consequently, when kids have this mindset , they believe that change is not possible and they are stuck with what they are given, such as basketball ability, intelligence, artistic talent, and so on, and that they cannot change or suddenly develop soccer skills, musical talent, or a propensity for math. What's more, according to Dweck, kids with a fixed mindset often feel the need to prove themselves over and over again and often evaluate themselves in an all-or-nothing kind of way.

Meanwhile, the opposite of a fixed mindset is the growth mindset. Kids who have a growth mindset recognize their current skills and abilities but believe that they can change, improve or add new skills with time and effort.

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As a result, when kids have a growth mindset, they are more likely to approach competition understanding that if they do not do well, it is not the end of the world. They know that they can learn and improve. And, more importantly, they are willing to try. As a parent, you have the power to help your kids think positively about competition. Make sure your kids know that competition is really about setting a goal and then accomplishing that goal.

In other words, instead of focusing on winning, focus on what he has control over such as the number of shots he takes in a basketball game or the amount of time he is willing to invest in practicing for his solo and ensemble competition. At the end of the competition, it will matter less the overall outcome and instead whether or not he accomplished what he set out to do. It's important for parents to be there to support their kids through the challenges.

You also need to regularly reinforce the message that it is okay to lose as long as they are working hard, putting in their best effort, and learning from the experience. In other words, kids not only need to learn to believe in themselves and their abilities, but also discover that their identity is not tied to winning or losing but to their character in either scenario. Clearly, there are some competitive situations where the primary goal is to win.

While this is fine in some situations, there is also a loser. If winning is the only goal that a child is focused on, it is bound to create an unhealthy environment. Remember, no one has control over the outcome of a game.

Is academic competition good or bad for students?

As a result, it is better for kids to have other goals besides winning such as a goal based on personal performance. Maybe they will still lose the game, but they will see their skill level improve in some way. Whether they are playing a sport , entering a dance competition, or participating in the science olympiad, there will be times in a child's life where they must compete with others. In these situations, take the focus off of winning and instead focus on the things they can control, like their effort. Then, regardless of the outcome, help your kids see what they did well. For instance, were they extremely focused?

Did they show a lot of gritty behavior? Did they manage their time well? It's important for kids to see that success is not about winning. Then, in the future, when they do not get into the college of their choice or they do not land the job they wanted, they will be able to step back and reflect on what they did well as well as where they might try to improve.

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As odd as it might sound at first, allowing a child to fail is one of the most important aspects of competition. When a child is allowed to fail, they discover that they can recover from it, learn from it, and move on from it. Failing, or losing a competition, does not have to define them. Maybe they are afraid others will bully them or make fun of them, or perhaps they are afraid of disappointing their parents.

Whatever the reason, fear can prevent kids from trying things that are hard.