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The Z1 consisted of over 30, metal parts and is considered to be the first electromechanical binary programmable computer.

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In , the German military commissioned Zuse to build the Z2, which was largely based on the Z1. Later, he completed the Z3 in May , the Z3 was a revolutionary computer for its time and is considered the first electromechanical and program-controlled computer. Finally, on July 12, , Zuse completed and shipped the Z4 computer, which is considered to be the first commercial computer.

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Henry Edward Roberts coined the term "personal computer" and is considered to be the father of the modern personal computers after he released of the Altair on December 19, It was later published on the front cover of Popular Electronics in making it an overnight success.

By August , over 5, Altair personal computers were sold, starting the personal computer revolution. There thousands, of pioneers who have helped contribute to the development of the computer, as we know it today. It is made up of tiny electronic circuits. It is the combination of hardware and software which works successfully in all fields of life.


The data which we put in it by using its devices is called input data and the device is called input device. The data, we take outside by using printer or other device is called output data and the device is called output device.

It is very safe tool for data storage in each and every field of life. There are various type of software and programmes for our use. According to functions, the computer processes the information. The software of games, general knowledge and graphics are very popular among children.

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We use internet on it and get lots of information on any subject in very less time and efforts. There are great contributions of it in the lives of human being. It plays a big role in every field and helps us. We can get any information about any service, product or other thing within no time. Don 't worry, I got you covered.

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  7. Can I give. After the mechanical evolution world is now living in evolution of Informational Technology. Mechanical evolution innovate means of transportation whereas Information Technology invented a new way of communication called Internet. Astoundingly communication can be done from anytime anyplace all over the world through internet. The number of people especially among young generations internet is gaining.

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    Although uniformity offers a form of security from chaos, we sacrifice many aspects of humanity which would drive evolution forward; should we conform to the same ideas and principals we may hold. In our human community, there must be variation in order to grow into better species. We must also make room for innovation and creative thought.

    This paper places the invention of the telephone into context and explores the relationship. Traditionally the term video in video game is referred as a raster display device, but it now implies any type of display device [monitors, TV etc] that can produce two or three-dimensional images. The electronic systems used to play video games are referred to as platforms. Temporarily Unavailable

    The most famous platforms are personal computers and video game console while. As we know every human uses a computer, laptop or smart phones this day. A computer makes every work so easy, but that will be not possible if a computer was not found. This paper is about the history of inventing the computer. It will explain about the generation of computers, when it was found and the uses and languages of a computer. Inventors have gifted us revolutionized technology.