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Download the official rules and application here. Download the official flyer here. The scholarship will apply to any Conservative Movement sponsored Israel program including Israel programs taking place from June 1, onward. Applicants must be residents of North America, in grades , and a member of a Conservative synagogue.

Each participant may only submit one essay for consideration. Entries must be submitted electronically by a. EST April 9, Firefighters on the scene and air tankers were used in battling the fire, authorities said. BART riders in San Francisco should expect delays of 15 to 20 minutes Sunday as the transit system single-tracks between the Embarcadero and 24th Street Mission stations to upgrade the electrical traction power system in downtown San Francisco.

Dozens of vehicles rolled out of a besieged Syrian border town, evacuating Kurdish fighters and civilians and opening the way for Turkish-backed forces to take over in the first pullback under a three-day-old U. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For now, a morning breeze staves off the sun's heat while the bees and I work together. Farm work is generally not the vision inspired by the words "liberal arts. A destructive piece of folk wisdom tells us that farmers are, generally, uneducated. Spend a day with a farmer, however, and you will observe the scientific analysis of crop planning, philosophical awe and frustration at Mother Nature, and lyrical understanding of the connections between it all.

These farmers are part of a much larger food system. Systems, by their nature, are integrative. In recent years, food activists have been working to improve both local and national food systems.

Faced with looming threats from hunger, obesity, and climate change, these individuals and organizations must integrate their efforts. They build bridges and connections between nonprofits, businesses, governmental organizations, farmers, and everyday consumers, resulting in an impressive force that can meet the failures of an unsustainable food system with strong solutions.

My work at Butler University has been preparing me to enter this network of food visionaries. Already, I have participated in a year-long food fellowship through the Indy Food Council. I worked with Green BEAN Delivery, an organic produce and natural grocery delivery service, to communicate farmers' stories to consumers.

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Meanwhile, I represented Butler among my other fellows as we engaged in the community. During this fellowship, I found myself documenting the lives of farmers while experiencing the work for myself. This immersive experience complemented the strong liberal arts foundation I was, and still am, building. As a double major, my experience at Butler has been necessarily integrative. I have combined my two academic disciplines in order to better understand the world. My education is multifaceted not only through my double majoring, but also through the interdisciplinary nature of both majors.

Strategic Communication in the College of Communication combines the fields of public relations and advertising. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences exists a major very close to my heart. We are a unique group of individuals who are fascinated by the connections between the scientific and social realms. I could choose to specifically pursue a degree in agriculture, biology, business, environmental science, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, or urban planning.

However, through STS, I am gaining an invaluable liberal arts education that allows me to forge connections between different areas of thought and understanding. My professors and peers have consistently cultivated an environment where moving beyond the facts on the page is not only welcomed but absolutely necessary. In a word, we integrate. We integrate ideas and knowledge from multiple fields in order to gain a more robust education.

Butler has chosen the word "integrate" to describe the envisioned relationship between liberal arts and a professional education, in recognition that excellence is achieved through holistic experience. My experiences at Butler have been teaching me how to effectively integrate varying skills and knowledge. They have also solidified my passion for enacting this vision in my pursuits outside of academia, not only after graduation but in the present as well.

O'Malley taught us about psychology as well as environmental conflicts, challenging us to integrate the two areas as we learned about conservation psychology. Our class divided into groups, choosing to work with different community organizations. Interestingly, UUI is integrative in itself as the church is open to individuals of all faith backgrounds, and identifying as both Unitarian Universalist and another faith or lack thereof is seen as completely normal.

We were tasked with aiding UUI in surveying the surrounding neighborhood to understand residents' needs and wants in relation to a more environmentally friendly community.

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We engaged the congregation with educational tools to help them assess their own carbon footprints. My individual contribution was an online collection of healthy and earth-friendly recipes. This experience is but one example of the ways that Butler has allowed me to integrate multiple areas of knowledge.

My liberal arts education at this university will propel me forward, armed with these skills. I am thrilled at the opportunity to join the sustainable food system movement, where progress is only achieved through integration of all areas of the community. Moral choices are pervasive; we encounter them in the occupations on which we may embark, the research we may perform, and the lives that we lead.

There is no universal agreement on the principles that should guide our moral choices e.

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Articulate and analyze the ways by which your Butler Experience Core and Major Classes, Community and Cultural Requirements, Study Abroad, Service Activities, and so on has helped you to gain personal insight into the distinction s between what is right and what is wrong. It was not until my freshman year at Butler that my morals were strewn into the inferno - and quite deliberately, in a seminar class titled, "Faith, Doubt, and Reason.

The class was the spark I needed to step outside my conservative comfort zone of Southern Indiana and into reality. What I have discovered throughout my subsequent liberal arts studies at Butler University is that this reality is incredibly situational, but it can offer great insight into what is right and wrong when approached through a certain lens. An argument made by Paul Tillich in his book Dynamics of Faith states that "Science has no right and no power to interfere with faith and faith has no power to interfere with science" Tillich Tillich's philosophy rocked my way of seeing the world.

The questions inspired by this first class at Butler convinced me to change my major from Biology to the emerging field of Science, Technology, and Society. This has allowed me to broaden my perspective on a variety of social issues, ultimately making me a more accepting person. In the major, abbreviated as "STS," I have found that I can continue asking the same philosophical questions that were so interesting to me as a freshman.

Philosophy, however, is a paradoxical subject. The Greeks defined it as "the love of wisdom," yet most writers seek to exclude some ideology, preaching a one-sided argument. Maybe somewhere during the past 2, years we have lost the meaning of wisdom.

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Certainly excluding ideas is not wise. This is exactly where I feel my Butler education has led me. Above all, an open mind is necessary to understand morals. Decisions about good and bad are relative, a lesson I have learned from observations of other cultures. Last summer I received my core community requirement volunteering with a medical brigade in Guatemala through Butler's Timmy Global Health chapter.

During the trip I met a midwife name Maria Louisa, one of the community women helping bridge the language barriers between our American medical brigade and the rural Guatemalan community of Mayan descent.

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  • All day long, she had a blanket strapped around her back carrying a sleepy toddler. He eventually became restless and wiggled free to the ground, exploring what I assume was the newly discovered art of running. The Butler volunteers and I were enjoying his new found freedom until Maria Louisa caught up, snagged him by one arm, and lifted him up, giving him several resounding spanks on the rear end.

    The boy did not cry, but I wanted to. The scene was hard to watch and seemed unjust. The act to me seemed morally wrong.

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    Later that night, however, I learned the Church in Guatemala encourages women to spank to teach obedience. Maria Louisa was a single mother and she had never read a psychological study about the affects of spanking to make her question the action. What other authority did she have to listen to if not the word of the Church?

    How can I say that she was wrong? While I experienced the situational nature of right and wrong in Guatemala, I also discovered the necessity of perspective in decision making during my semester abroad in Spain. As the semester progressed, I slowly learned about the city's most famous hero, Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote.

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    The book portrays the idea that perception is the key to understanding reality. In the book, Don Quixote's perception is so limited by the countless fantasies he reads that he is disconnected from reality. He famously mistakes windmills for giants and attempts to slay them. Regarding moral decisions, we need to be careful not to find ourselves caught in a fantasy. What Don Quixote needs, what society needs, and more specifically, what I need, is to be widely informed to make decisions about what is right and wrong. Yes, moral decisions are incredibly difficult.

    Yes, we often do the wrong things. What can we expect from the first beings on Earth to try to understand decisions as being somehow right or wrong? Only sharing ideas, the "love of wisdom," can help us understand the puzzle of morality. Right or wrong cannot exist unless many options are known and understood so that choices exist. I know now that I was wrong to think Maria Louisa should not spank her child.