Contemporary issues in health and social care essays

UK is besides supervising a positive alteration in the wellness and societal attention sector and issues. In the local environment. Social attention sector is detecting a roar in the economic system and the authorities is now reassigning its responsibility to the private sector for the societal services. The authorities is taking the place of supervising the wellness and societal attention service establishments Cleland and Gareis.

These societal and economic issues affect the behaviour of the people toward the development of the attitudes toward the wellness and societal issues. Interpersonal relationship among the people besides has an impact Hscic. These factors that have a important impact on the development of the different positions of the issues of the wellness and societal sector are following here: There are different factors that lead to the development of different positions of the issues of the wellness and societal attention.

These factors are: Life factors. Familial factors.

Contemporary Issue in Health and Social Care

The manner of behaving and the cultural orientation of the society are besides influential factors. These factors lead to the development of the issues of the wellness and societal attention and therefore conveying alterations in the community.

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LO4 Understanding the likely influence of different positions on the development of services 4. Local attitudes make up the aggregative attitude which is national attitude. Local attitudes toward different issues and positions of wellness and societal attention reflect the national degree attitude. There is positive correlativity between the development of local attitude and national attitude Cleland and Gareis. This illustration illustrates the national degree attitude about the wellness and societal attention and it can be said that people are satisfied with what are being provided and the degree of satisfaction is high.

Health and societal attention sector is a sensitive sector as this sector is related to the life of the people. Their overreaction may take to suspension of some good measures and at times which is ruinous for the common people. In instance of some specific issues public attitudes and behaviour must hold to be evaluated and the cogency of their action will hold to be measured NHS. In the old illustration it is clear that people are much more positive about what they are acquiring from the authorities and populace.

Still some others reacted negatively and others made no remarks on the issue. It is overreaction about the issue of wellness and societal attention.

How to Increase the Diversity of Health Care Leadership

Peopless usually have positive experiences of the services being offered by NHS. NHS besides makes direct communicating and has strong media coverage. Ideas which are modern-day being replaced are by modern ideas. One twenty-four hours. The most modern-day issues in the wellness and societal attention are the criterions of the services in the infirmaries particularly for the aged people or the senior citizens.

Mass media can reflect the issues of the wellness and societal attention. One of the chief effects of the modern-day thought about the wellness and societal attention is the instruction about the wellness and societal attention will be low. The modern-day attitude toward the wellness and societal attention may be ruinous as people do non alter their positions about the trefoil and medical specialty every bit good as societal services Hscic. There exists a positive relationship between public sentiment of the issue and development of related societal policy. Social media has played an of import function in this respect as they are doing the wellness and societal attention for the populace a more interesting and refering one.

Social and wellness attention has emerged as a prospective sector within UK and media has played a important function in the development of this industry. Mass media make the public aware of the demand of the wellness and societal attention and wellness and societal attention is now an emerging sector in UK. The local wellness issues and attitudes contribute a batch to the international sphere.

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Education of the people is of import in this regard and different publication can be used for wellness and societal attention. Mentions Online 1. Health Care in UK. New Hampshire. Last accessed 2nd March The Guardian. Moreover, the religious agendas like Islamic, Christian, Buddhist etc also change the way information is disseminated. Further, it also depends on individual perception or point of view of looking at things and understanding them.

Thus, information is affected by perspective of writers and editors along with photographer as well. By considering all these factors together, it can be said that people must try to see an issue or information from several perspectives, effectively judge it by reading it from differ media and then only believe on it. Local issues are responsible of many national and international issues.

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  • National level attitude is influenced by local attitudes towards different issues and perspectives of health and social care. There is positive correlation between national attitude and local attitude. The attitudes of people living in different areas is generally influenced by various factors such as cultural, social, etc. As UK is divided into several regions therefore all social care units do not provide quality services so the attitude of people is different and is developed on the basis of services they receive NHS, Health and social care services is a sensitive sector as it is related to the life of the people.

    There are various problems faced by people regarding their health. Local government has developed various strategies to tackle overweight and obesity. Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are majorly caused due to excess weight. In UK overweight and obesity represent probably the most widespread threat to health and wellbeing.

    Therefore to minimize problem of obesity people should do exercise on daily basis. In order to evaluate obesity level in different regions various surveys have been conducted.

    Health promotion programs and campaigns plays vital role in creating among local people about negative effects of obesity. When disease start to spread the national productivity has also affected and it gradually decreases. In some issues regarding health and social care public sometimes overact. Public attitude and behaviours should be evaluated and the validity of their action would have to be measured in case of specific issues such as obesity. NHS has provided effective services to people and also pay attention to their issues regarding health and social care services.

    There are various health problems but obesity is considered to be worldwide epidemic problem. In both developing and developed countries obesity has been on the rise among children and adolescents. In UK there are number of groups including government, health and social care professionals worked together to create awareness among people and also various health related programs and campaigns have been organized to encourage people towards healthy eating.

    In order to develop public attitude towards health and social care issues media plays a vital role. For example, the government of UK has introduced sugar tax on soft drinks industry to reduce health problems Glasby, In order to educate people about health, healthcare professionals and government need to develop strategies for general public and should notice public attitude and behaviours regularly towards health issues. Public attitudes and behaviours are developed upon the services they use for health and social care.

    Health problems such as obesity have been increasing at rapid rate in society.

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    In UK obese and overweight individuals are more likely to found in urban settings. In order to tackle obesity people should give importance to exercise and should take balanced diet. People need to change their lifestyle and should engage in physical activity and healthy eating. Health promotion programs and campaigns organized by government and healthcare professionals have effectively contributed to overcome obesity.

    The government of UK has introduced anti-smoking campaign to aware people about negative effects. Education regarding health and social care services is very necessary to overcome health related problems. Various consequences have been developed if people do not change their thinking about health and social issues.

    Contemporary issue in health and social care Essay

    Media has played significant role in reflecting issues of health and social care. For example, standard of the health care services for elderly people is not good and the poor services received by senior citizens would be considered as one of the most contemporary issues in health and social care. In order to change behaviour and attitude of people towards certain issues information released to public regarding health and social care has helped a lot.

    Media reports on health inequalities will also influence opinions of people. For example People staying in rural areas do not have proper health and social care facility due to this their health related issues would not be solved easily. People in rural areas generally do not believe in benefits of health and social care units and follow traditional methods to cure disease McClimens, et. Low education level about health and social care is the main consequence of contemporary thinking.

    People nowadays are busy in their jobs and they give proper attention to health and this leads to increased demand for social care services. The government and healthcare professionals have played vital role in developing standards of health and social care services. Surveys of poverty exposing the brutal conditions in the urban slum conurbations of Victorian Britain supplied the pressure leading to changes such as the decline and abolition of the poor law system and Liberal welfare reforms. Other significant examples in the development of social policy are the Bismarckian welfare state in 19th century Germany, social security policies in the United States introduced under the rubric of the New Deal between and , and the National Health Service Act in Britain.

    Social policy in the 21st century is complex and in each state it is subject to local and national governments, as well as supranational political influence. It was established in the early-to-mid part of the 20th century as a complement to social work studies. One can reasonably argue there is not a single clear and comprehensive definition of social policy. Of course, each welfare state system includes a mixture of these elements, but certain systems are geared toward universal principles, i. Sweden and Denmark. Others emphasize social insurance mechanisms, i.