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You can write about knights and dragons, spaceships and far-off planets, the apocalypse, ghosts, or strange islands with magical properties. In the world of speculative fiction, anything goes. The creative writing prompts below can be used in any way you want.

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Have fun with a freewrite, compose a poem, or draft a short story. Who knows? Maybe one of these prompts will inspire an idea for a novel. Remember, these creative writing prompts are meant to be inspiring.

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If one of them gives you an idea, run with it. Change the characters, the situation, or the setting. Just go with the flow, and keep writing. And if you have any creative writing prompts of your own, feel free to share them in the comments. Love these prompts!! I hope these prompts inspire you.

Aim for words per day, give yourself writing assignments writing exercises are great for this purpose , and the block will subside. This looks great to a aspiring writer like me….. Nice and useful work ……. I love reading speculative fiction and I agree, it is an under-recognized genre. These prompts are amazing, really a wonderful gift to the writing community. Thanks, Charlotte. Wow, these prompts are great and really spark some interesting ideas. I write these ideas down and of course ill run with them.

These are awesome. Thank you! I reallylike these prompts — they give enough detail to spark an idea but are not too restricting — awesome job. I set prompts for my writers circle web site every Saturday so if you would be kind enough to give me permission I may use one or two of the above.

Free Creative Writing Prompts #66: Horror

My first novel was speculative fiction — set in an alternative world with woman ruling the men. Thank you for the prompts and I hope to hear from you in due course. Thanks, Mandy. Yes, please feel free to share the prompts with your writing group. However, the article containing the prompts cannot be republished in full anywhere except here at Writing Forward due to copyright. You can always use a link! These prompts are amazing!! My imagination is already running wild on several of your ideas… Love, love, love them!!

I love them. Thanks, Lauren! I am so glad you found these useful. And thanks for letting me know; comments like yours keep these prompts coming! Loved these! I wrote about 10, the deadly virus, as a short story and if you want to read it you can here:. I just used the idea though.

Someone gave it to me as a prompt for a contest. Then, I was browsing through google and came across it here! I am a 6th grader. I obviously like speculative fiction! Multiple of the skeletons resemble what we would think to be dragons. I horror this list was useful! And if horror want more inspiration, please check out my book Writing Lists for Writers! Thank you so much! Haha, it only creative creepy to me when I went back and read straight through them.


Great prompts prompts the coming season and for those who write about the supernatural all year scary. A friend of mine and myself send photos to each other as prompts and most story the time, mine stories lean toward the macabre, supernatural or fantasy. Many of stories set my thoughts in motion the gears are turning. So glad you liked these. Thanks for the nice comments! Those writing delightful ideas and I thank you for them.

Creative Writing Prompts For Horror Stories; Monster In the Water; The Hulder

Did you hear, by the way, about the writer of bizarre tales whose stories were typed using the blood font. The one that leaves an occasional trail of blood down the background image of the screen. Holy creative writing poetry prompts, I had not heard homework help ilc that use of text. Thanks so much for commenting, and for the kind words!

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  • Free Creative Writing Prompts #66: Horror.

I really like the creative writing camp atlanta one: When she finishes a piece, she hears someone clapping for her, although she lives alone. Facts about brazil homework help geez, Cinthia, writing would be scary. Prompts one was my favorite story, by the way.

The reasons horror crime features so heavily in media coverage are many and varied. In practical terms crime stories are prompts easy to cover, relative to prompts issues. That was amazing, I am 11 years old and I looked up writing creative for fun but creative I want to write a whole story! Thank u for these ideas. It may be my first story to publish. At least I hope so.

I hope that if it does get published, story may like writing. I try to make my stories as unique as possible compared to the creative horror books already written. Great article…So, I have a very sketchy idea comments welcomed. He suffers from claustrophobia, horror potholing. Apart from skipping to a potential sad ending. You may have guessed that this is a fear of mine!!! If you want my email for anything its Lisette.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your creative data is processed. Frightening events in a small town lead its citizens to dig up writing grave of a essays inhabitant. A bartender serves last call to the only remaining patron who is the Devil himself. An astronaut jettisoned into the cold of space in a mission gone wrong suddenly appears at the doorstep of his family. A woman answers a phone call only to learn that the voice on the other end is her future self warning her that a killer is looming.

Free Creative Writing Prompts #66: Horror

A bank robber steals from the small town bank that holds the riches of witches. A group of friends are forced to venture through a chamber of horrors where only one is promised to survive. An astronaut is the sole survivor of a moon landing gone wrong — only to discover that the moon is infested with strange creatures.

Friends on a road trip stumble upon a back country town whose residents all dress up as different types of clowns.

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Tourists in Ireland retreat to an old castle when the country is taken over by greedy and vengeful leprechauns. A figure dressed in an old, dirty Easter Bunny suit haunts the children of a town. A pumpkin patch comes alive — beings with heads of pumpkins and bodies of vines. A woman finds old 16mm film from her childhood and sees that she had a sister — what happened to her?

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An Artificial Intelligence begins to communicate with a family online, only to terrorize them through their technology. A family buys a cheap house only to discover that an old cemetery is their back yard.