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Age of the World Picture, Martin Heidegger What is the Anthropolitical? Claire Colbrook Bratton The Posthuman Rosi Braidotti The Sustainment Tony Fry The present is thus an auspicious moment for systematizing a philosophy of, from, and for, design as a strategy for rendering design into a more thoughtful and effectively reconstructive practice. By drawing on both philosophy and the most current strands of critical social theory, The Design Philosophy Reader provides us with the pillars for such a project. In contrast to the much more limited and highly popularized paradigm of design thinking, the Reader demonstrates why the redesigning of design, as the redesigning of the conditions of our collective existence, is the most important intellectual and political project designers and informed citizens can undertake in the current planetary conjuncture.

Useful guides to further reading are presented throughout. There is an acceptable balance between older and newer texts, organised into eight distinct parts, together covering an impressively wide range of thinking. Numerous contributors highlight the pervasiveness of design, the current state of thinking and practice of design.

This text will be of value to both design theoreticians and practitioners, and should prove to be an essential addition to all design libraries or collections. It fundamentally opens design to be interrogated and theorized beyond the parameters of professional design and norms within academic design theory today.

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It will be of interest to anyone interested in questioning design as a condition of existence, and those who seek to problematize the discipline. The book contains essays that should be required reading for both research and professional work Willis's curation of the Reader is compelling, not least because she has a critical vision; this is not a sample of work, or just a collection of the great and good.

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It looks like you are located in Australia or New Zealand Close. Visit the Australia site Continue on UK site. Visit the Australia site. Continue on UK site. The Design Management Journal The dmi:Journal is a refereed journal devoted to articles and academic research exploring how design—in products, communication, and environments—is an essential strategic resource, a component of every organization that can be effectively managed to make important contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success.

The journal welcomes articles on design in both cultural and commercial contexts. The journal is published four times a year and provides a forum for design scholars, professionals, educators, and managers worldwide. It publishes thought-provoking work that will have a direct impact on design knowledge and that challenges assumptions and methods, while being open-minded about the evolving role of design. Design Philosophy Papers The Design Philosophy Papers [DPP] project is about getting more people to think deeply about design as a world-shaping force, be stopped in their tracks by this recognition and then participate in developing more informed design thinking and action.

The main project elements are the online journal appearing six times a year and an annual collection of selected and commissioned essays in print plus a CD of the all the journal issues of the year. The journal has distinct sections: The Papers are its core — one or two substantial papers along with an introduction in each issue.

Design Research Quarterly Published by the Design Research Society , this is the quarterly newsletter of that organization. Design Studies Design Studies is a leading international academic journal focused on developing understanding of design processes. It studies design activity across all domains of application, including engineering and product design, architectural and urban design, computer artefacts and systems design. It therefore provides an interdisciplinary forum for the analysis, development and discussion of fundamental aspects of design activity, from cognition and methodology to values and philosophy.

Information Design Journal Information Design Journal IDJ is a peer-reviewed international journal that bridges the gap between research and practice in information design.

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It is the primary source for the dissemination of independently refereed articles about the visual arts, creativity, crafts, design, and art history, in all aspects, phases and types of education contexts and learning situations. The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to research, and encourages submissions from the broader fields of education and the arts that are concerned with learning through art and creative education. The Journal of Design Research An interdisciplinary journal, emphasising human aspects as a central issue of design through integrative studies of social sciences and design disciplines.

University of Plymouth, UK. Openings: Studies in Book Art Openings is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes critical, historical, and theoretical articles, reviews, and interviews about book art and its pedagogy.

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College Book Art Association. PJIM focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of information visualization and its disciplines.

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As new technologies rise, turning the public sphere into a transparent, ubiquitous communications medium and a global marketplace, is the privileged status of the poster doomed or are we seeing it transformed as part of a new wave of visual rhetoric? This peer-reviewed journal aims to lead the debate. Intellect Publishing. Public Journal PUBLIC Journal provides an unprecedented platform for the expanding Public Interest Design movement; where the world of architecture intersects the voices of activism, exposing a determination to provide good design for those that need it most, but most often do not get it.

The journal invites papers that enrich the understanding and practice that enable design innovation in industry, business, non-profit services, and government through economic and social value creation. These papers may explore how design thinking can inform wider social, managerial, and intellectual discourses with an added focus on strategy and management. Visual Communication Visual Communication is a quarterly, peer-reviewed academic journal publishing top research in visual studies.

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It welcomes contributions from scholars in anthropology, sociology, history and scientific research. Articles cover still and moving images; graphic design and typography; visual phenomena such as fashion, professional vision, posture and interaction; the built and landscaped environment; and the role of the visual in relation to language, music, sound and action.

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