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Since dissertation orals are public, the Graduate Psychology Office must be notified at least 2 weeks before the scheduled orals date, time, place, and title of dissertation so that notices can be sent to faculty and students. Students are allowed one retake of the doctoral defense. The Graduate School allows one dissenting vote on the doctoral defense. You are required to submit an abstract not exceeding words.

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Prepare Candidacy Application: Obtain candidacy application from the Graduate School office on which results of the Qualifying Examination were recorded. Submit to the Chairperson of your Committee. It is then your responsibility to have it signed properly by your Committee.

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Completed forms must be filed with the Graduate School office no later than three weeks before commencement no later than announced deadlines for October and January. Submit Final Dissertation: An electronic copy of the dissertation is submitted to the Graduate School, and one paper copy is given to the Psychology Department. It is necessary to bring the dissertation along with the candidacy form to the Graduate Psychology Office for approval before submitting it to the Graduate School.

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Undergraduate Research Labs. Graduate Program Overview Ph. Program Overview Clinical Ph. Media, Awards, Announcements Archives Media. About the Psychology Department Requirements for the Ph. Extensions will be granted only for exceptional circumstances.

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The procedure for obtaining an extension on the time limits imposed upon the Qualifying Examination six years , and the Ph. All such requests will receive an intensive review at a formal meeting attended by the student, the Committee Chair, the Area Coordinator, the Vice-Chair for Graduate Studies, and the Graduate Director. Only one extension per student will be approved by the Graduate Director.

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The Doctoral Dissertation The doctoral dissertation is expected to be an original empirical study, representing an independent research effort on the part of the student. All research that involves human subjects must be submitted to and approved by the Rutgers Institutional Review Board IRB prior to the collection of any data.

Essential to this approval is the committee's decision that the project can feasibly be completed by the end of the second year. On Friday of the seventh week of the spring quarter of the student's second year a written report of the trial research project is due.

The student will submit the trial research paper prior to the end of the spring quarter of the second year and defend the trial research paper at a hearing with his or her committee prior to the end of the Spring Quarter of the second year. Successful completion of the trial research project is a prerequisite for Ph. Dissertation To begin the dissertation process, a student must form a three-member dissertation committee consisting of a chairperson and two other faculty members.

Typically, the chair is the student's primary research advisor. The chair of the dissertation committee must be a faculty or emeritus faculty member in the Psychology Department. The third member of the committee may be a University of Chicago faculty member from outside of the Psychology Department, provided that the chair of the dissertation committee gives his or her approval.

Once a dissertation committee exists, the student must formulate an independent research project to be carried out under the committee's guidance. The student will then prepare a written dissertation proposal and submit it to his or her committee. In addition to specifying the research question s and situating them in the appropriate literature, the proposal should include a concrete plan for conducting the dissertation research, including the proposed methodology and analyses, possible outcomes, and time-line for completion.

Feasibility also should be addressed, which may require preliminary data. When the student's advisor agrees, the student may schedule an oral defense of the proposal. To be admitted to Ph. The completed thesis must be submitted to all three committee members. When the student's advisor agrees, the student may schedule an oral defense of the dissertation. The oral exam is administered by four members of the University community: the three members of the dissertation committee and an outside reader.

The outside reader may be a faculty member at the University of Chicago, or a scientist at another institution. The outside reader must be approved by the thesis advisor. If, after the oral defense, all committee members approve the thesis, the student has met the Psychology Department's requirements for the Ph. The completed dissertation must be formatted and submitted to the dissertation office by Friday of 7th week of the quarter in which the student plans to graduate. It is recommended that the oral defense be held no later that sixth week of the quarter in order to ensure meeting the dissertation office deadline.


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Though not mandatory, it is helpful to submit a draft of the dissertation by the draft deadline in order to receive feedback on formatting issues. For information about formatting the dissertation and submission deadlines, please visit the dissertation office's website. Yearly Evaluations: The faculty members in each program will evaluate the progress of students working in that program on an annual basis by the end of Spring quarter. The criteria for evaluation are as follows: First year: Students will be evaluated on successful completion of course work and submission of a satisfactory trial research proposal.

A grade of B or better is usually considered the minimal level of acceptable performance in course work.