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Bret Lott will judge. Using only the online submission Holly Karapetkova will judge Jane Satterfield will judge. Using only the online submission system, submit a manuscript of Kellie Wells will judge. Submit a manuscript of Using only the online submission system, submit a manuscript of any length Kathleen Bryce Niles-Overton will judge.

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Submit a The winner also The prize will be Using only the online submission system, submit up to five poems Jericho Brown will judge. Using only the online submission system Show: Upcoming only All listings.

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Order Asc Desc. Coffee-House Poetry. Troubadour International Poetry Prize. Genre: Poetry. Short Story and Poetry Awards. Genre: Poetry , Fiction. Finishing Line Press. Open Chapbook Competition. Red Hen Press. Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award. American Poetry Review. Honickman First Book Prize. Poetry Society of the United Kingdom. National Poetry Competition. Tucson Festival of Books. Literary Awards.

Genre: Poetry , Fiction , Creative Nonfiction. Award For Fiction.

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Genre: Fiction. River Teeth. Literary Nonfiction Prize. Genre: Creative Nonfiction. Thanks, Laura! Sadly, there are all sorts of ways writers and wannabe writers can fall into the wrong hands, from scam competitions to content mills that pay pennies per word. This site is a great place to start. I never sent in any money I was told I could win cash, and prizes, and my name can be in this analogy. Great list of resources for free contests.

Appreciate the time it takes to curate such a list and so glad you shared it with us.

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Is there any writing contest in Peabody and I never public a book but can I still enter the writing contest is there more writing contest for Peabody with out scams??? Thanks for chiming in, Cathy — good to know!


This is well time for me and I am excited. I love to write as well! Its not childish and stupid. I work on it about every other day or when I get time. Could you experienced authors give me some tips? Appreciate this list, my writing goal for this year- well, one of them, is to seek new writing and publishing opportunities and challenges.

We provide a contest where you get paid either way, so long as you make the cut. Check out thewritersarena. At FanStory. With the membership fee you can enter all of our contests at no charge. I have a short story of my stolen childhood..

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  4. Its a memoir.. It has touched a lot of ppl nd its very deep.. A lot of ppl who have read it has gained goose bumps nd a lot of others has related a lot to it.. I have councillors stating I should get it published as its very helpful to thoughts who have been through similar.. I write a lot about life nd the deeper I go with my words the more ppl feel it.. I have had a few ppl state they felt like it was happening to them the words stand out so much..

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    25 Scholarship Essay Contests

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