Essay on role of teacher in character building of students

Teachers help us to become high-quality professionals. Only professionally qualified people produce quality services and products. Which play a huge role in the economic development of the country. There are often you see bad customer support, cheap quality products, dishonesty cases with customers. These are really very bad people. Even politicians, movie stars support these people. But we can lead and guide the coming generation on the right path. The right path is where customers are not cheated.

Where good products are endorsed by good people. We are influenced by some group of people in the wrong direction. We need to understand that what is good for us along with society. Never make your decision inspired by politically people, never make decision-based on news channel or politically inspired dialogues. We need to analyze facts and figures before making a decision even before giving votes.

Also, our election commission or authorities also need to test political leaders before giving them the ticket or authority to fight the election. But today we all need good people in our government, businesses, and jobs.

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These people are not coming from another planet. All are coming from schools and colleges after taking degrees. Degrees are not a guarantee that someone is educated and know better than without degree people. Yes, education matter. But I think only practical education can develop the country. So, for in economic development, we need people who can take a risk and who are confident to start a business. Who can create new and innovate down market to a new level?

This is not possible without getting lessons from expert teachers. Teachers teach students through real-time examples. Teachers can modify and change the world. J Abdul Kalam. A teacher helps to become a great leader.

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Great leaders build a nation. Leaders play a huge role in the personal development of an individual. Great leaders inspire thousands of people to go in the right direction. Great leaders learned and followed the path provided to them by a teacher in schools and college times. Almost all good leaders will agree that they have learned valuable organization skills, personal development skills from teachers. These skills helped them to reach where they are today.

They used their creativity in the right direction. Some students are great. Not because they are born with greatness but because teachers helped them to become what they are today. A student is like soft clay in the hands of his teachers. Students mind can be mounded into any shape in tender age. If taught well by his teacher he can become an important tool for society. If taught wrong he can become a weapon of destruction. We have an example today we often see on the news channels.

Role of Teacher in Building Character of a Student

A good teacher attitude reflects upon the students easily. Why, because students meet the teacher every day for many years and replicate his mannerism and habits. But not all colleges and teachers are good to increase the moral values of students. Few colleges and teachers just teaching for money and students are directed to earn money.

These kinds of salary lover teachers drive the career of students on the wrong path. Some of the students from such teachers got the job by the approach of minister and influencers. This kind of teachers produces corrupt leaders, doctors, and bureaucrats.

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Only teachers can develop nations no one else, everything else will destructive creativity. Even technology development and advanced technologies are destructive to nature. Positive creativity and development that is nature-friendly only possible by teachers.

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As I already told various times on my articles that we are the part of nature. Humans are part of nature. Nature, trees, plants, soil, water, animals and birds and all other natural resources that unfortunately we treat badly are our families. Is it social media, paid media or politicians? But today teachers are fighting with technologies, government policies, and social media and they have to fight.

Also, our all private and government teachers need career and income security from the government. Today, we need to respect teachers and need to appreciate their good efforts. Teachers need security and safety from the government. Teachers want maximum infrastructure to educate students. We need to follow the lessons and spread more about good teachers verbally. How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it! As you found this post useful Please share on social media!

We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Let us improve this post! The key to creating an optimal learning environment is by building relationships within the classroom, both between students and among yourself and the students.

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Building a sense of community helps to create a stronger bond within the classroom -- the safer and comfortable students feel, the more optimal your learning environment will be. Implement a morning meeting where students are welcome to share their thoughts and opinions. This is a great way to build positive relationships within the classroom as well as get to know one another.

Another essential key to a successful classroom community is to ensure you have a zero tolerance policy on being unkind and disrespectful. Negative abuse of any kind should never be tolerated. Insist on respect and instill positive classroom rules and anti-bullying campaigns to ensure students are treating everyone with respect and kindness. As the teacher, your rules set the tone for how students should and should not behave in the classroom. From the moment your students enter the door, make sure they are very clear on what is tolerated and what is not in your classroom.

Discuss each character trait that embodies each rule that you have set for the classroom. This will help clarify any misunderstandings students may have. And always remember to praise students for displaying good character when they abide by your rules.

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Research shows that teachers who infuse character education into their classrooms will have more parental involvement, less behavior issues, and improved academic performance. Your students will thank you for it in the future. How do you build character in your classroom? Do you have any classroom activities or tips that you found worked well? Janelle Cox is an education writer who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education. She is a contributing writer to TeachHUB.

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