Essay on wildlife conservation

Millions of animals around the globe are killed each day in order to make clothes and other items for people. Also, be careful and attentive when buying something abroad.

If you have doubts about the origins of some items, don't buy them at all. Learn how to grow plants at your own home, if you have a garden over there. First of all, you will always have an opportunity to eat useful food without chemicals. And, second of all, you will help protect wildlife from pollution.

Pay attention to the habits that you have. Often people tend to pollute the environment without even paying attention to it. Therefore, try to notice everything that you do and control yourself when you throw rubbish. Remember there have to be containers to be used for throwing rubbish. Reuse resources. This is quite an effective way to help protect the environment. By means reusing sources, you will help reducing the amounts of trash.

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Throw the trash in accordance with its material and ingredients separately. Become a volunteer. Consider joining a non-profit organization dealing with protection of the nature. These organizations are usually created to lobby and protect the interests wild nature, as well as fight against violence in regard to animals. Demonstrate your proactive position everywhere and always. Let people know your beliefs and they will join you in your position.

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Essay on Wildlife Conservation

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The destruction of carnivores or insectivores often leads to the increase of herbivores which in turn affects the forest vegetation or crops. The wildlife can be used commercially to earn money. It can increase our earning of foreign exchange, if linked with tourism. The preservation of wildlife helps many naturalists and behaviour biologists to study morphology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, behaviour biology of the wild animals under their natural surroundings.

The wildlife of India is our cultural asset and has deep-rooted effect on Indian art. Due to deforestation for cultivation or for urbanisation, reductions in area for free movement of wild animals which retard reproductive capacity of certain wild animals like deer, bison, rhino, tiger, etc. Destruction of wild plants of forests for timber, charcoal and fire wood often deprives wild animals their most palatable food and affects their survival.

Noise pollution by different transporting media trucks, buses, rails, aeroplanes, etc. Various natural calamities such as floods, droughts, fires, epidemics, etc. Jungles and forests are the natural habitats of many wild animals. Hence, these natural habitats should not be destroyed and for this law should be framed to protect such areas from any damage and hunting should be prohibited. However, realizing the importance of natural resources, several national and international organisations have been established to look after such problems.

This organisation has framed many projects to overcome such problems for which this organisation arranges a meeting once a year in any country.

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Its 10th general meeting was held in New Delhi in For the normal and effective functioning of this organisation, an additional organisation referred to as WWF World Wildlife Fund has been established. The WWF is related to the collection of funds from its member countries, of course, India is also a member, which are 24 in number.

This fund is utilized to run several projects dealing with the conservation of natural resources.

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  5. India was probably the first country to enact a Wildlife Protection Act. The Wild birds and Animals Protection Act was passed in and repealed in Then Indian Board of Wildlife was established in which is followed by setting up of Wildlife Boards in different states. In , new Wildlife Protection Act was passed.