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Road safety means safety for all road users. Accident risks on the road, during both work-related driving and leisure time driving, involve risks to the driver, passengers and other road users. Today's continuously changing traffic environment requires constant alertness on the part of road users [2]. Speeding, drunk driving and failure to wear a seat belt are the three main reasons for road accidents [1]. Traffic regulations are intended to decrease the risk of accidents. Improving road safety involves dealing with issues related to road users, the traffic environment, and the condition of vehicles.

Investigating road accidents can also prevent further accidents. Work-related road safety should be managed by integrating it into the arrangements for managing overall health and safety at work.

A Public Health Perspective of Road Traffic Accidents

Accident prevention on roads includes factors related to the traffic environment, vehicles and road users whether this is work or leisure related. Work-related road safety should be managed by integrating it into the employers' arrangements for managing overall health and safety at work. Work-related traffic accidents can be prevented through technical measures and organisational measures at workplaces, and adequate training.

In addition, investigating road accidents can prevent future accidents. As employers are responsible for the occupational safety of their workers , the following should be included in the workplace's driving policy:. Workers in the road transport sector are protected by European directives on occupational safety and health , which are implemented in Member State legislation. Regulations require that all occupants of all motor vehicles wear seatbelts on both front and rear seats [6]. Employers should point out to their workers that it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all passengers wear seatbelts.

Bus drivers should also inform passengers that seatbelts should be worn in buses. Weather is often a factor involved in road accidents. Changes in weather conditions can alter the road surface, which can increase the risk of skidding, thus increasing the distance needed to stop a vehicle. Icy road surfaces also increase risks for pedestrians. Inadequate visibility is another risk factor on the road. This can be due to: the weather, darkness, covered or broken vehicle windows, lack of lights or reflectors. Other visibility risks are road users' changed or weakened eyesight.

Streetlights increase the ability to see the traffic environment in darkness, and this is why companies should ensure that roads leading to the workplace are well lit. Encouraging pedestrians or cyclists to wear reflective clothing increases their visibility, thus increasing their safety on the road. Professional drivers have little control over their ergonomic working conditions. As they are exposed to prolonged sitting, they face the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, shoulders and back.

Professional drivers are also exposed to vibration produced by the vehicle. Whole body vibration and prolonged sitting or standing are both widespread problems that increase the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders especially back disorders. Because of this, employers should ensure that professional drivers' cabins are adequately designed.

Ergonomics , such as the design of the seat and other equipment should be considered, and appropriate advice on driving posture should be provided. Another problem is exposure to road dust and diesel fumes , a carcinogenic mixture , which occurs in all subsectors, including public transport, for example at bus stops [7].

Employers play an important role in promoting health at the workplace , and occupational health services monitor the health of an organisation's employees. Employers must conduct suitable risk assessments and put in place all 'reasonable practicable' measures to ensure that work related journeys are safe, staff are fit and are competent to drive safely and the vehicles used are fit for purposes and in safe condition.

When deciding on a driver, the nature of work-time travelling tasks should be checked and possible workers' diseases considered [8].

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Drivers who suffer from e. Employers must ensure that people who drive for work are aware that they must meet the minimum legal eyesight standards and encourage them to have their sight tested regularly. When work tasks require road travel, the technical condition of vehicles is important.

Employers should provide vehicles that are equipped with safety devices i. In a four-wheel vehicle, seatbelts can decrease the risk of fatal injuries in a crash.

Road safety

Wearing a helmet decreases the risk of head injuries while cycling, roller-skating or motorcycling. Several countries have legislation requiring cyclists to wear helmets.

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Cycling helmets can protect the head when properly used. If workplaces provide bicycles for their workers, the condition of the bicycles should be checked regularly. Employers should also take safety aspects into consideration when buying any vehicles for their companies; all new car models must pass certain safety tests before they are bought for use by an organisation.

EuroNCAP provides up-to-date and comprehensive online information regarding the safety of cars for occupant protection [10]. In addition to regular general checks, workers should be taught to check the condition of their vehicle before starting to drive. If the vehicle is damaged or fails the check, the driver should have repairs done before setting out.

The driver should ensure that there is good visibility from inside the vehicle by cleaning the windows or removing snow before starting to drive. Maintaining safe vehicles is crucial for road safety.

Employers should provide procedures to ensure that vehicles are maintained, and tests for motor vehicle safety should be performed annually. As tyres are important, especially when braking, they must meet safety requirements. They should be checked before driving and replaced by new ones when they show signs of wear. Tyre pressure needs to be checked regularly as well. Seasonal changes in road surfaces may necessitate different tyres in summer than in winter.

Many goods are transported on roads.

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In order to avoid accidents caused by shifting materials it is essential to fix the load in such a way that it will not be shed, even in sudden braking situations. The weight of the load should not exceed the capacity of the vehicle. Employers should ensure that their workers are aware of the correct way of fixing loads and the weight limits of their vehicles [11] [12].

A workplace's risk assessment should include road traffic risks. Employers must conduct suitable risk assessments and put in place measures to ensure that work related journeys are safe, staff are fit and are competent to drive safely and that vehicles are fit-for-purpose and in a safe condition [13]. Employers must make sure that workers and managers are aware of the organisations' policy of safe driving.

Following speeding regulations means that one should never drive faster than road conditions safely allow, and everyone should obey speed limits at all times including variable limits and temporary limits at road works. Employers should ensure that journey schedules, distances and plans allow sufficient time for drivers to complete their journeys including rest breaks and taking into account foreseeable weather and traffic conditions.

Customers should be made aware of the company's road safety commitment and be encouraged to take a greater interest in road safety i. The employer can ensure that workers have the prerequisites for safe road travel by providing training. Training of drivers of different vehicle types and different work situations increases their awareness of risks. Different vehicle types demand different training, but traffic regulations are the same for all road users. It is important that all road users know and adhere to traffic regulations.

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  8. Awareness of traffic safety can be maintained and even increased by traffic safety campaigns. Training of road users should begin early and they should also be taught safe road habits as keeping the distance, non-aggressive driving, etc. These habits should be repeated to workers if their work requires driving, and training should be updated regularly in order to keep road safety in mind.

    In addition to general road accident risks, professional drivers face risks caused by work organisational stressors , i.