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With her age with her level of nobility, maturity, and her strong sense of racial equality, Scout is not only years ahead of her age, but also above the rest of Maycomb County Research Papers words 2. It seems that almost every adult chooses to either forget or ignore this childhood vulnerability. But ironically, it was this quality that pushed them into adulthood in the first place. At the peak of their childhood, their post climactic innocence allows room for the foundation of maturity to begin to grow.

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Scout and Jem are two young children living in Maycomb, believing that everyone is like their father, Atticus, who embodies justice and equality. Atticus takes on the case of defending Tom Robinson, a man who is being charged with raping a white woman. Before the trial, the Finches are forced to withstand torment from the townspeople. Their beliefs are shaken when a black man is given a rigged trial and he is innocent The book cover illustrates crafty artworks from Latin America; each artwork lacking a range of supplies.

Although at a young age, she is one of the few teens taking a stand, which makes her more mature than the typical 16 years old This forces Scout and Jem upon a sad yet true understanding, which is that the morals that Atticus has taught them may not be reconciled with the evils of human nature; there is a coexistence, no matter what Throughout the novel Jem transitions from child to young adult. This is evident when the adults in his life begin treating him differently. This becomes apparent when he is no longer levelheaded and when he is distraught during the court trial This girl is named Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout, and within the book she outlines a series of events through her own point of view.

Her father is the only guardian in the family as her mother passed away.

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His name is Atticus Finch and he is a lawyer. Jean has one older brother named Jem and he often is one who helps to guide and care for her Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? Maturity in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird Essay - The book To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, is considered to be a timeless classic that deals with such sensitive themes such as: prejudice, human dignity, social classes, and maturity.

Age and Maturity: Not One in the Same. Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help which Prove This - 16 year old Lexi walks down her school hallway in Sarasota, Florida and notices that the art room is overflowing with supplies. Search Term:. Jem realizes that Atticus has proven Tom innocent way before even the adults come to that realization. There is still a little bit of child however in Jem at this point.

He can not seem to understand how the jury could find Tom guilty even after his innocence was plainly set out for all to see. For prejudice does not come with age, it is not there to bloom as we get older, rather it is planted there by people around you and if it is never planted within you, you could never hope to understand it. It is obvious to see how Jem has matured throughout the book but there are a lot of other people that matured to a lesser extent as well.

It is by a lesson taught to him by Scout who is a mere child, which just goes to show maturity comes with experience not age. In the book Scout says some inappropriate words which Uncle Jack overhears, he tells Scout to never use these words unless under extreme provocation.

Maturity in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

Scout is very angry and upset after this event, she goes to her room and cries. After a little while Uncle Jack comes into her room to try and justify his actions against Scout. Scout then tells him that he is not fair and that Atticus would never whip her until he had heard both sides of any story. Uncle Jack is so stunned as to the realization that children can have such depth of thought and in this moment he matures and understands children better. Another of the people that mature in this book by the hands of Scout is the lynching mob that comes to kill Tom Robinson.

This is more a realization but can also be considered a maturing.

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The mob comes to the prison with the direct intention to hang Tom. Atticus is waiting at the prison for any trouble that might arise and threaten his client. In the early chapters of the book, Scout picks fights at the slightest provocation. One example of this is when Scout beats up Walter Cunningham, one of her classmates, for not having his lunch, which isnt a very good reason at all.

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Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop. Let him go Scout. He didnt have any lunch, I said, and explained my involvement in Walters dietary affairs Scout is also very mischievous and has a devious mentality towards Calpurnia. She describes Calpurnia as a tyrannical presence, and she does everything she can to get her out of the house.

To Kill A Mocking Bird, As Scout Grows Up

One time Scout does this is when Walter comes over to her house to eat dinner. Scout criticizes Walter for drowning his food in molasses, and Calpurnia scolds Scout.

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After Walter leaves, Scout asks Atticus to fire Calpurnia, which of course he doesnt do. Jem said suddenly grinned at him. Come on home to dinner with us, Walter, he said. Walter stood where he was, biting his lip. While Walter piled food on his plate, he and Atticus talked together like to men, to the wonderment of Jem and me.

Atticus was expounding on farm problems when Walter interrupted to ask if there was any molasses in the house Walter poured syrup on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand.