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Although, when the speaker addresses to a dream, he is referring to back in the slave days when black and whites were segregated. The blacks once had a dream that they would be treated equally with the whites. That they would go to the same school and not have to sit in the back of the bus. When Hughes wrote this poem it was a few years before the…. Langston Hughes: Harlem In his poem "Harlem", Langston Hughes provides information about dreams and about what happens when dreams are disregarded or deferred.

The author puts emphasis underneath the thought of dreams, and compares them to very specific things in our everyday lives like raisins, festering sores, rotting meat, and heavy loads. He suggests on how dreams can be real as flesh and as crucial as food so we can comprehend the truth of dreaming and the danger of not following up on…. Throughout his life, Hughes published numerous works, most of which portrayed the life of black people, and his work had a major influence on the artistic styles of the Harlem Renaissance.

The poem also serves as a rallying cry to those pondering what to do with their frustration of the way blacks were treated in America before the civil rights movement. Hughes delivers an emotional appeal to readers, urging them to wake up and see the future of a people bursting with ambition but held back by discrimination. In the poem "Harlem" Hughes uses figurative…. Langston Hughes uses descriptive similes throughout the poem to get his theme of racism across to his audience. In the 2nd line of the poem, Langston Hughes informs the reader that deferring a dream is similar to a raisin.

This is because as grapes age, they lose their juice and begin to dry out, turning into a raisin.

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This is what happens to…. Black Renaissance In the year , the critically acclaimed Langston Hughes wrote a poem that had more questions than answers for the African American population of the post WW2 period. Without hesitation Langston Hughes opens the poem with a question that automatically gets the reader pondering the thought of what a dream does if it is postponed till the future.

Throughout the poem the author poses questions to the reader about the dream that is deferred. All possibilities are on the table in…. The title of the poem shows that it took place in Harlem, New York, during a time of hardship and troubles for African Americans. Their dreams and visions were often taunted and rejected by society.

Langston Hughes uses several different writing techniques…. Harlem Recognized as an acclaimed genius, Langston Hughes was famously known for his poems of African American culture and racism. His work is famously known in African American Literature and his work sparked and had a huge impact in the Harlem Renaissance. Towards the middle of the 19 th century, the wealthy farmers abandoned the farms since they had lost their productivity. This opened the door for downtown New Yorkers to reside in the land.

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This had been made easier by the newly laid railroad network. Within a short period, Harlem was transformed in to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the whole of New York. There were many religious, learning and artistic establishments, which gave the area a rich cultural background. By the turn of the 19 th century, people were so optimistic about an upgrade of the existing transportation network in the area.

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This gave rise to heightened speculation in the real estate industry something that led to exaggerated market rates and the subsequent disintegration of the sector at the beginning of the 20 th century. Taking full credit of the collapse, an American by the name of Philip Payton entered into contracts that saw him acquiring property owned by whites for renewable leases of five years. In turn, Philip and his friends rented the property to Black Americans who considered Harlem a better place to reside.

Within a short period, Harlem had been transformed in to an establishment for blacks only. This was heightened by the animosity that existed between whites and Negroes in the period that preceded World War 1. By the time the war had ended, blacks from every part of America were moving to Harlem.

Among those who were moving to the establishment included black poets, critics, literary anthologists, painters, illustrators, musicians, composers and actors. Within a short time, Harlem became a sort of an urban artistic center for black Americans. However, the increasing population and high demand soon gave way to skyrocketing rental prices. This left culture as the only prospering thing within Harlem. Looking for research paper on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! The activities that they engaged in are what came to be termed as the Harlem Renaissance.

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What influenced most of the participants was the style that Europeans and white Americans were using in their literature and music. To most of the artists within the renaissance, the only topic they addressed was the experiences of blacks within an American society that was predominantly white. Hill The music and writing style within the Harlem Renaissance carried the same theme of black experience in light of a white society.

Within the Harlem, all the club experience carried the same colored theme. This made African Americans to create a self-awareness attitude something that brought a greater rift between blacks and whites. As a young man, Langston Hughes had settled in Harlem while pursuing his college education.

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From his early days, Langston had a flair for poetry and he read a wide collection of poems from various authors. By the time he settled in Harlem, he was on his way towards becoming an established poet. Where his counterparts would focus on only one genre of writing, Langston decided to mix two or more genres in a single work. A good example is his first book of poetry known as The Weary Blues.

In the book, Langston mixed jazz, blues and a light touch of traditional verses. This was a complete new level of writing that other poets in Harlem were not used to. This became a great influence for future works produced within the Harlem Renaissance. Another thing that made Langston Hughes to be of great influence to the Harlem renaissance was the success he acquired as a poet within the movement.

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This especially came in after he published his first work of fiction known as Not Without Laughter. This was achieved with the help of a rich white woman known as Charlotte Mason.

The novel was such as success that Langston bought his first car.