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Be courteous, obliging, and interested. Bringing them cookies is absolutely in order. So is thanking them profusely. Informants' Comfort. Formal interviews require the full knowledge and cooperation of the informant. To conform to modern "human subjects research" standards, informants should always be told that there is no obligation to answer any particular question, and that the interview can be stopped at any time. This is different from journalism or police interrogation.

The Ethnographic Interview, Collecting Life History - Essay Example

Journalists and police interrogators have standards too, but they are not considered to be dealing with "human subjects" and therefore have less obligation to make informants feel comfortable. Informants' Privacy. The informant should be told what level of confidentiality to expect. For example, "I don't plan to discuss what you have told me in a way that can be traced to you.

Or, "Barring the unforeseen, only my professor and I will be able to link your name to the material you provide to me. Time Commitment.

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You should tell your informant in advance roughly how much time you think an interview will require, so the informant knows how to plan and how extensively to answer your questions. In contrast, be sure that you yourself have enough time for it to go much longer if the informant turns out to be providing good information and enjoying doing so. Some informants love talking and can be longwinded. It is possible to conduct an interview over Skype or on the telephone. It is not as fecund as a face-to-face interview, but it can still be useful.

Interaction through a keyboard, however, should not be considered an interview.

Conquer your inner wimp and face the world of living humans. Preview of the Topic. Tell the informant ahead of time what the broad topic is that you are interested in. That way you will probably avoid being turned down after you start if the discussion goes in directions your informant didn't anticipate. Click me. Sometimes you are interviewing an acknowledged expert about something a famed potter, for example , and most of the interview will probably focus on that person's expertise. Sometimes an expert is in the position of speaking for an institution a person such as the founder of a company or the head of an office.

That is more difficult, since such a person may try to make the institution look good, or anyway, not to reveal anything that might make it look bad. In these examples, the potter may be happy to tell you how many pots break during firing. The head of an office will probably not tell you how many people get fired for various reasons.

That is one of the reasons why journalists often like to talk to former politicians and military officers rather than the ones still in office. Whether this complicates your project depends, obviously, on the goals of your interviewing. At other times you may interview a person who does not consider himself to have any special knowledge of what you say you want to know about, and who tells you to go find an expert.

Go look it up in the library. For example: "We have been studying about the goddess Mazu, and I am really interested in what individual Taiwanese people know about her or think about her and how they learned about her. Non-Directive Interviewing. In general, you hope to learn from informants something you don't already know. This means it is important to ask questions in such a way that you don't accidentally "lead" informants into saying what you already think rather than what they mean.

In other words, you need to conduct "non-directive" interviewing. The idea is to provide a survey of contemporary work and an overview of disciplinary foundations while at the same time providing an opportunity to read some dissertations and ethnographies that might inspire students in their own PhD or MA research. This course offers an advanced introduction to contemporary linguistic anthropology by means of a survey of three linguistic ethnographies. In discussions and readings, we will consider the theoretical foundations, analytic goals and In discussions and readings, we will consider the theoretical foundations, analytic goals and methodological orientations of each ethnography thereby tracking alternative approaches to foundational questions and, at the same time, sketching out some key intellectual genealogies of the field.

Cultivating awareness: ideologies of code choice and language documentation practice. In this paper, I reflect on my research trajectory, where I examined ideologies of code choice between Jejuan and Standard Korean on Jeju Island, South Korea, for my MA work, and then embarked on PhD research that involved the documentation of Jejuan conversations. For this, I first discuss the details of my qualitative interview study analysing Jejuan code choice ideologies through a grounded theory method, and subsequently identify thought processes and practical decisions I made while on fieldwork, which I see closely related to the insights gained from taking into account anthropological perspectives.

Thus, I conclude that this process has resulted in developing greater ethical awareness for the emotional well-being of participants, as well as the reproduction of ideologies which support dynamics of fostering power differentials through my code choice as the researcher. Language Attitudes on Jeju Island — an analysis of attitudes towards language choice from an ethnographic perspective. The present study investigates the language attitudes towards the appropriateness of code choice on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Ethnography Essay (An Alvarez Example)

The findings stem from an analysis of qualitative interviews conducted during a field study in May , and The findings stem from an analysis of qualitative interviews conducted during a field study in May , and will show that interviewees present their attitudes as being related to the feelings of distance and closeness regarding the usage of Standard Korean and the Jeju variety. Perspectives from Georgia's Greek Community.

I will take two analytical perspectives, both of which highlight different important aspects. Firstly, I follow the metaphor of family breakdown that emerged in the interviews as having occurred on two levels. Researchers in applied linguistics are increasingly focused on shifting modes of engagement, 'glocal' information flows, and superdiverse communicative styles. Metalanguage-or talk about talk-has proven to be an invaluable research lens Metalanguage-or talk about talk-has proven to be an invaluable research lens in these complex settings, allowing researchers access to participants' "emic" interpretations of real-time interactional dynamics and social contexts.

The reflexive nature of language-in-use is proving to be a rich analytical resource in, e. However, an integrated theory of metalanguage as a research lens has yet to be developed. This symposium aims to aid in this development by answering the following questions: a How can metalanguage be used as a lens for revealing how interlocutors orient to, and interpret, situated communication? The first question is addressed in Subtheme 1: Metalanguage in synchronous discourse. We invite papers with a systematic focus on talk-about-talk in either real or virtual "face-to-face" interactions e.

The second question will be addressed in Subtheme 2: Metalanguage in asynchronous discourse. We invite papers that explore metalanguage in, e. Andrea R Leone-Pizzighella. Political graffiti in May at Nanterre University: A linguistic ethnographic analysis. After a riot police intervention on campus, Nanterre University was blocked and occupied. It was It was profoundly affected, both as a community and as a physical site.

This linguistic ethnographic study proposes a systematic analysis of more than physical interventions political graffiti, tags and posters on the campus during that period, to identify the functions of graffiti as political discourse. A striking feature was the complex indexicality of the graffiti.

Each item was relevant at multiple scales beyond the here and now, anchoring graffiti in larger networks of relations, which endowed them with political power.

This special issue addresses the organization of teaching and learning in a variety of multilingual schooling contexts from different critical ethnographic perspectives i. By analyzing a range of educational settings in Spain, the U. The 'native speaker effects' in the construction of elite bilingual education in Castilla-La Mancha: tensions and dilemmas.

Loudness registers: Normalizing cosmopolitan identities in a narrative of ethnic othering. An analysis of one narrative shows how loudness of voice acquires indexical meaning in interaction and becomes a resource for the narrator to position himself along an axis of social differentiation defined in terms of morality.