Is the american dream still alive essay

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Learn More. However, it may just exist in a new and evolved form. The United States has experienced multiple recessions in the last decade. With the global economy shrinking as well, the once rich and powerful country has begun to seem like a disappointment more than an opportunity. People have noted in recent years, to pursue any form of upward mobility in the United States is to hit a brick wall. That is because jobs do not pay as well or offer as many hours as they used to. Interest rates for savings accounts are near zero, discouraging people from saving. It all leads to a nation of debt filled constant loss and instability.

This was not the America from three, four decades ago. People back then could earn enough to save each week and have enough money after a few years or decades, to purchase a home. As previously mentioned, the modern American Dream is about owning a home, a car, and graduating from college.

Now, this seems like an impossible task for many that live in the United States, especially for recent immigrants. Gone are the days where people can apply for an entry level job right after high school or college. Those that find work in the United States do so because they are often multi-lingual, own a car, and can work for free at some point. The ones that do not find work, feel their economic prospects shrink as each year passes. People at the top of the economic ladder, pay themselves more and more, and none or very little, is shared with the middle class.

In the past, this was not the case. So then how do Americans feel now with the economic climate seemingly against them? If people feel the American Dream is non-existent because of touch economic times, has the American Dream truly died? The answer is not yet. The American Dream has not died because people are still able to make their dreams come true in the United States, just not on a level that is possible for most people. The kind of American Dream that persists even during the difficult economic times is the dream of starting with nothing and becoming rich and successful.

A few good examples of this are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. These entrepreneurs took the risk and had the talent to rise above everyone else and achieve amazing success.

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That version of the American Dream continues. However, there is another American Dream that has formed in lieu of the traditional one. This can be seen in the new wave of immigrants that come to the United States in search of a better life. The recent immigrants of today and the last few decades have been Hispanic and Latino people from the Americas. They come to the United States to escape from the dangers and instability of their home country.

Is The American Dream Still Alive? Essay

Often, they come with very, little money or belongings and work difficult jobs to ensure a future for themselves and their loved ones. They may not reach their final aims, but many have provided for their children enough so they could become doctors, lawyers, and even a Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

It is still a struggle for these immigrants and their children and many in the United States that see the progress they make, feel it is slow and almost nonexistent. That is because, the modern American Dream is measured by academic and financial success. The children of Hispanic and Latino immigrants are doing better than their parents.

They are graduating high school and earning college degrees. It may not be at the level as other immigrants, but they are reaching a point that will lead to their offspring being better off and so forth. The course of the United States has taken many turns and zig zags. Nevertheless, these new immigrants are breathing life back into a country that has been filled with constant disappointment and anger. Even though not all immigrants want to achieve the American Dream, the ones that do, do so keeping in mind the pursuit of a fresh start and a better life.

That is reminiscent of the original American Dream, bringing everything, full circle. What began as a dream for a few British citizens looking for religious freedom, quickly inspired people from all over the world to seek a new start. There were so many that sought to reap from the new land a chance at wealth, stability, upward mobility, and most importantly hope. It may have changed throughout the decades, but the core of the American Dream has always remained. That hope is the underpinning of every immigrant struggle and of every effort made to come to the United States and achieve something meaningful.

That is why the American Dream is something that will always live on even after the countries boundaries have faded. Many say the American Dream is gone. That is not the case, at least for the new immigrants that come to the United States.

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What was once the dream of British colonists transformed into the dream of anyone, anywhere who wanted a second chance. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Is Al Qaeda still Alive?

Essay words - 8 pages The debate between Bruce Hoffman and Marc Sageman over the perceived threat posed by Al-Qaeda is an intriguing one. Both Hoffman and Sageman are well known terrorist experts and present an interesting thesis in support of their respective arguments.

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Hoffman argues that Al-Qaeda is still active after reconstructing itself in the Tribal Areas in Pakistan, and therefore, the threat posed by Al-Qaeda cannot be discredited. However, Sageman. For the average American, keeping up with what famous people have is impossible, but for some strange reason, they still try. Mostly, this. The American Dream It is a "dream" words - 4 pages.

Our Declaration of Independence recognizes every citizen's opportunity to obtain the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The American Dream is misdirected. The American Dream is the proposal of pure happiness. For generations past and even present, people revolve their lives around. This was not enough, Gatsby was living most of the American dream, but he did not have a love yet and that is what he most wanted. He believed. What Is the American Dream? Even though immigrants experienced these struggles, many still believed that through diligence and determination, success was within.

What is the American Dream? The American dream, wether economic, religious or politically motivated, each share acommon backbone, preserverance. Preserverance is one quality that was and still is theunderlying fundemental skeleton of the body that is known as the American dream. Wether it isblacks wanting equal rights under the law, Muslims seeking fair treatment, or the unknown manrunning for office, regardless of color, religion or political affililiation, all embody the spirit of theAmerican dream.

To strive and perservere for whatever is percieved as great. Is the american dream achievable? Immigration is a prime reason why the American Dream is unachievable. I feel that poorer individuals appreciate and make the most of the little things they have and this would suggest that their money worries does not affect their 'dream'. I also believe, despite the fact they are struggling financially, they still put others before themselves, ensuring their children have the.