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Thursday, 23 February My Financial Career.

My Financial Career-Stephen Leacock

My Financial Career. Stephan Leacock. People sometimes get nervous when they are doing sometimes new or when they are in strange situation.

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It happens with everyone to get nervous is not a bad thing it proves that the person is normal but getting to nervous some there destroys your inner strength and your will power to fought against any unfavorable situation and there for thy very well known proverbs. There for everyone should have a strong will to find out solution in all the unfavorable situations. The story may financial career teaches the readers very well on how to strengthen and to cultivate ones emotional intelligence in this story.

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We have a narrator who often gets nervous and afraid of bank official he never thinks that he will never able to deal with the bank official and therefore he gets very nervous. The narrator thought that the manager thinks that he is a detective but the narrator soon revealed the truth by saying that he is not a detective but he just wanted to open an account in bank when manager heard this he was in away angry with the narrator and therefore he called his accountant to take him out of the room and to tell him how to do the proceger when he thought that he should draw out six dollars for the present use and someone gave him the check book and someone told him how to write in that checkbook.

This essay also narrates such tragedy about his won life.

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He has beautifully and in a funny way, tried to illustrate the role of the banking system in this play. He starts the essay by admitting that everything that has to do with a bak rattles him.

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  7. The writer says that he hates banks their proceedings. He has never been to a bank but now as his salary has raised and he thinks of opening an account in a bank. He enters the bank timidly and asks for the manager.

    My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock

    He asks the manager to meet him alone. The manager gets an air of an awful secret to be revealed. But when the manager comes to know that he only wants to deposit fifty-six dollars, he annoyingly refers him to a clerk. Instead of going out through the door, the writer mistakenly walks into the safe. Later he is led to the clerk and throw the ball of money towards the clerk. When the money is deposited, the writer asks for a withdrawal slip as he wants to withdraw six dollars out of fifty-six he has deposited.

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    4. The people stare at him which made him miserable. Instead of writing six dollars he writes fifty-six dollars on the cheque and gives it to the clerk who asks whether he is withdrawing the whole amount. He says 'yes' to hide his nervous mistake.

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      He takes fifty-six dollars and rushes out of the bank. He, after that, keeps his money in his socks. He was fully confused and could not express his matter properly. Ans The manager came to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal because he insisted to meet manager alone. Ans When the manager learned the actual amount of the money, he became angry. His attitude was rude and unkind. He asked him to go to the accountant.