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Maybe you have a unique situation or lost your job because of a company merger or downsizing. Whatever the scenario is, you need a resume and I can help.

I have worked with clients faced with all of the above. Industry Recognition.

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I won the first time I entered. I just wanted to prove it to myself that I could win! The NRWA is a member-driven nonprofit organization. Board Members are voted in by the membership, worldwide.

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This is my business, so I like to get to know my clients — many of whom are still my clients after two decades and who gladly refer me to family, friends, and co-workers. I do not outsource my clients to subcontractors. I am not a high-volume resume writing service. There are many resume writing services out there that vary in business model and pricing.

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I cannot speak for everyone else, but if you are looking to work 1-on-1 with the person who is involved in the process with you from start to finish, that is the type of resume writing service that I run. I am the first point of contact and will always be a phone call or email away to provide post-completion support. In short, I am your career partner. In addition to creating a tailored career profile that includes the right keywords, I like to create a backstory to frame your experience and your achievements.

That is what we collaborate on: Your experience.

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Legal resumes are different than business resumes; review the models in our resume handout. Information concerning your G. Information concerning preparatory or high school education is generally not of interest to employers and should not be on your resume.

Your success starts here.

Do not engage in self-assessment on your resume or in your cover letter. For example, do not describe yourself as having "excellent communication skills" or "excellent writing skills". In describing legal experience, do not simply say "researched and drafted memoranda.

Your descriptions should focus on responsibilities and contributions rather than routine duties. Never use "I", "my" or any other form of the first person in describing your tasks. For example, legal research and writing, negotiating, analyzing data, drafting, decision making, communicating and supervising are skills that should be noted.

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When describing your work, use action words like "direct", "review", "manage", "analyze", etc. Past tense should be used for former jobs and present tense for current employment. Avoid characterizing employers you have worked for, such as "the foremost law firm in Suffolk County.

Students with little or no legal experience, or no work experience, may wish to include the interest category.

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Under the heading of "Interests" or "Other" you might want to mention interests, hobbies, or perhaps unusual travel experience. Significant community service can be mentioned here or under its own heading but it is generally not advisable to list political or religious activities.

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  • You can include computer skills under the "Additional Information" heading or "Skills" heading.