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One of these individuals probably came from outside Britain, as perhaps did the Middle Neolithic adult. This would be consistent with the idea that the Stonehenge landscape had begun to draw people to it from beyond Britain before Stonehenge was constructed and that it continued to do so after structural modification to the monument had ceased.

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Those connections go back some 5, years. That means outsiders could have come to Stonehenge from places other than Wales. Darvill thinks the researchers should also check strontium signatures of cremains at Stonehenge for signs that some might have come from France.


It also can refer just to England and Wales, the territories conquered by the ancient Romans who named the land Britannia. It is the physical basis of all life on Earth. Carbon exists freely as graphite and diamond.

It is an important part of coal, limestone and petroleum, and is capable of self-bonding, chemically, to form an enormous number of chemically, biologically and commercially important molecules. Not all coauthors may have contributed equally. Examples include hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, lithium and uranium. When written out, the numbers usually are separated by a colon, such as a That would mean that for every 50 units of one thing on the left there would also be 50 units of another thing represented by the number on the right.

It formed as sand-size grains of mineral grit became compacted or glued together over time. Read another version of this article at Science News.


Journal: C. Snoeck et al. Strontium isotope analysis on cremated human remains from Stonehenge support links with west Wales. Scientific Reports.

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Lab Scientists Say Analyze This! Technically Fiction. Gravity Waves. Current Issue. Archaeology Culture. Cremated remains hint at who was buried at Stonehenge. Chemical signatures of skull pieces suggest some of the dead came from far away. Bruce Bower. Aug 22, — am EST. Human skull fragments such as these were among the cremated remains buried at Stonehenge.

Chemical analysis showed that some remains had come from more than kilometers away, in West Wales. Readability Score: 8. Citation Journal: C. Related Stories. Ancient Times. Putting hats on Easter Island statues may have required some rock and roll.

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