What make me laugh essay

She pledges to conquer the world after she reaches her ideal weight, and the room responds with a Ha! I smile like I meant it. In truth I am surprised to learn this is funny.

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Like laughing means taking things less seriously. Is all laughter bad laughter?

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The first part of the book is a sequence of suicide notes attributed to an author-entity named Trisha Low. It is a tragicomic work.

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When I called the project funny, the perception was that I was reducing the tragic dimension. I was not seeing the underlying pain the book expresses; its very real feelings.

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In fact, I was and do. The kid is three or four, I think. My girlfriend has noticed that he laughs whenever she does. She demonstrates.

What Makes You Laugh?

Football stats, whatever. She laughs, and the kid looks at her, unsure. Frequently asked questions about the This I Believe project, educational opportunities and more I believe in laughter is the key to happiness. Laughing makes me the person I am today.

What makes you smile

Laughing with my friends or family puts that smile on my face, leaving it there for the rest of the day. I am always happy and I know if I am ever sad all I need is a joke or two to cheer me back up to the person I usually am. My eighty two year old grandma is the one to always make me laugh.

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My life revolves around the happiest people because were always making jokes and even laughing our butts off at the dinner table. Think about it… Without having laughing moments in your life how do you become happy?


Laughing can even make you cry because you start to laugh so hard your happiness makes tears. She always tells me if I feel goofy let it out or she will say think about something that makes you laugh. Then that frown on my face will turn upside down. But not everything is similarly funny for everyone as we all have a different taste in humour. Instead of laughing at people we should laugh at people.

Skip to content Laughing is the key to a healthy and happy life. I laugh the most when I see a comedy movie.

The funny characters in the film make me laugh a lot.